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Sling Review – Soul Slings Prism Surprise


I am one lucky momma to be able to host not one but three Soul Slings carriers this year. Soul Slings is a family run company from India popular for their line of beautiful and affordable ergonomic baby carriers.  Their Celadon and Sapphire ring slings came to visit the Fluffinay household for a week and we had so much fun playing with them.

This time around, we were delighted to  be given the privilege to host a Soul Slings wrap – the Soul Slings Prism Surprise in twill weave.

The Soul Slings Prism Surprise is an all cotton rainbow wrap in subdued shades of purple, blue, yellow, and green.  If you’re looking for a striped wrap with understated elegance, then this wrap’s colour palette would be perfect for you.

As it was our first time to wrap with a twill weave, we definitely looked forward for our turn to test this baby.

The first thing I noticed about this lovely wrap was its weight. It felt heavy in my arms but I found its heft delightful.  I was certain it would provide ample support to carry my growing bub.  Unfortunately, the thickness and length of Prism Surprise meant that my baby and I won’t be able to stroll around the city in the sweltering heat of summer.

To beat the heat, we decided to do what most Filipinos do. Go to the mall!

I heard about Prism Surprise being beastly and rough but it was something I willingly overlooked for its wonderful grip and support.  I carried my wriggly toddler in Prism while window shopping and strolling around the roof deck park and it did not budge. It was a win for team mommy for successfully keeping  rowdy toddler in check.

If you plan to invest on one wrap for the entire duration of your babywearing journey, Soul Slings Prism Surprise is a great option to consider.  Once fully broken in, this wrap would be ah-ma-zing! I imagine it would be buttery soft and mould like a bandage.  Since it’s 100% cotton, it would be easy to care for and it would quickly become an everyday favourite or beater wrap. The low key rainbow tones of Prism would be perfect to help persuade babywearing daddies to try wrapping too!

I would recommend Soul Slings Prism Surprise for beginner and seasoned babywearers. To achieve that well loved blanket feel and have it wrap like a bandage, patience is required to break in this beauty.  Wearing with Prism in humid weather may be a bit challenging as its density and thickness make it suitable for places with airconditioning or cooler climate. Overall, this is another awesome product from Soul Slings.

For more information on this amazing company, you can check out their website at www.soulslings.com


Soul Slings Prism Surprise


Toddler: 18 months, 10.5 kg

Wearer: Medium

Type of Carrier: Woven Wrap

Brand: Soul Slings

Size: 6

Fabric Content: 100% Cotton

Suitable for both newborn and toddler