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Our Little Gift for the Hardworking Padede Mommy


Breastfeeding is not easy.  To someone who have not experienced to nurse a baby, it may seem like an easy task.  They see nursing mommies, sitting down or lying in bed with baby.  They think it’s something that can be done without any effort or hardwork.  What most people don’t realize is that breastfeeding is difficult.  It can be emotionally, mentally and physically draining most especially for a new mother.

Having gone through the challenges and drama of breastfeeding a baby with an appetite, I have always wanted to reach out and help another padede mommy who may be going through a tough time nursing their baby.

I am not a certified lactation consultant, a peer counselor or a doctor.  I am just a simple stay at home mommy who can sometimes be shy and aloof around people.  With my limited resources, the best help that I can think of is to run a Random Act of Kindness giveaway of milk boosters to mommies who are in need of support.

When I first opened the giveaway, I was terrified that it won’t generate interest with people because the items are pretty basic and not bonggabels enough.  I thought I would be baking oatmeal cookies for days.  (I am not a good baker. hahaha)  But seeing the number of entries and shares, made me tear up. (Naiyak talaga ako, pramis!) We are overwhelmed with the number of people who joined and subscribed to our page.

Thank you so much, Fluffinay friends.  You made our family happy.

And now for your most awaited announcement:

The winners of our mommy care package are:


Congratulations, mommies Flor Ortiz Intes and Carmen Dela Cruz.  Please send me a PM. 😀

Thank you again for your support, friends. If we didn’t draw your name tonight, don’t worry because we have more RAOKs in store for you. Malapit na ang Christmas. hihihi.