Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I’m Anne a first time mom to a hyperactive and curious cheeky monkey, Sophia Isabelle.  I’ve been meaning to start a blog for the longest time ever but life always gets in the way.  We have been yaya-less and maid-less for more than a year now and it’s been a struggle to manage the household, a baby that doesn’t seem to rest, and a non-existent social life.

We live in a quiet area in Taguig with 2 dobermonsters and a domineering mini schnauzer.  My hubby, Jason, knows how passionate I am with breastfeeding and babywearing.  Although he patiently listens to my mommy rantings, I secretly know that he doesn’t completely understand the love I have developed for my advocacies.

I wanted to start a blog to shine a light to the struggles of a fluffy mommy particularly with babywearing as most of the models we see on babywearing sites are skinny and fit.  Fluffy moms love to babywear too and may need some encouragement to experiment and try different carriers.

I will also include reviews, rants and raves on different mommy and baby products we have tried over the past year.  I have always searched online for comments and feedbacks on things before I buy and in my own little way; I want to be able to help a confused mommy decide and make life a bit easier.

Please feel free to leave a comment or ask questions.  It would feel great to know that someone out there is listening to my ramblings. Hahaha! We hope you enjoy reading about our adventures (or misadventures) and if you wish to drop us a line, you can do so at fluffinay@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook @Fluffinay



Have a great day!


Anne ❤


Yey! Fluff Mail!

Yey! Fluff Mail!