Sling Review – Marikit Woven Wrap


I have always considered myself a girly girl.  I love to surround myself in shades of pink, coral, pastel, and candy colours.  So when I found out that there was a newcomer to the local baby wrap market, I was thrilled to find out that their name was “Marikit” and their first release was an ultra feminine pink and blue striped divine wrap; perfect for a girly girl like me.

Marikit Logo

Marikit Logo. Isn’t it awesome?


This delicious wrap was thin and airy making it the perfect carrier for humid Philippines. Created in plain weave, it’s composed of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.  The colours are vibrant and lively and would complement even the simplest mommy outfit. The alternating narrow bands of pink and blue was pleasing to the eye and presents extremely well on pictures.



Marikit in a Shepherd’s Carry

This tester came in at a size 6 and was slightly broken in when it arrived at our doorsteps.  If you have seen my previous sling reviews, you may be aware that I am a ‘shorty’ momma.  I have a mild aversion to using wraps that are longer than a size 4 (3.8 meteres) since long wraps tend to overwhelm me with the amount of fabric that I need to wrangle around myself and my very wriggly and sometimes uncooperative toddler.  However, for Marikit, I was more than happy to overlook the length of the tester as this wrap was very thin.  I was concerned that a single pass may not be enough to comfortably support the weight of a heavy baby, thus, multiple passes were necessary for extended periods of babywearing.



A double hammock(DH) carry have always been one of my babywearing waterloos.  The impressive length of this tester made me want to try and see if I can execute a double hammock (DH) carry.  I was quite pleased that I was able to rock one successfully!

Double Hammock in the morning.

Double Hammock in the morning.

Little Miss Kulit was quite willing to patiently wait for mommy to tighten the rails one by one.  With Marikit’s density and weave, making sure there was no slack was necessary for a comfortable carry.

Unfortunately for our next double hammock forays, time constraints and a tight crowded space resulted to a very sloppy wrap job.

Marikit has long tapered tails that look so lovely as it gently sway as you walk.  Couple that with small tight knots and this beautiful wrap becomes a stunning accessory for fashionable mommas.


After 30 minutes of gallivanting around Venice Piazza, it started to get a bit diggy and a little uncomfortable around my shoulders.  I had a little break from carrying my toddler and allowed her to run crazy around the place.

I have always believed in the potential of our local weaving industry and I am confident that our local products can be at par or even exceed international standards.  We should support and encourage our fellow mothers who want to share their passion for babywearing by creating their own line of baby carriers.

Marikit is one of these brands that we should keep an eye out for.  I’m hoping for more fabric blends, weave patterns, and definitely more candy colours in the future.

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page by clicking on this link.


Marikit Woven Wrap

Toddler: 18 months, 10.5 kg
Wearer: Fluffy mommy

Type of Carrier: Woven Wrap
Brand: Marikit
Size: 6
Fabric Content: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester
Suitable for both newborn and toddler



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  1. I love your review. I agree that we should support our local weavers because they have great potential and can compete globally. By the way, you look great with the sling and Pyang is as cute as ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a bunch, dear! Sophia and I are doing what we can to promote local manufacturers. We’re excited for our next reviews since we have another local manufacturer lined up. ❤


  2. This a great review. I agree that we should support our local weavers. They have great potential and can complete. You look fab with the sling and Pyang is as cute as ever.

    Liked by 1 person

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