Sling Review – Soul Slings Sapphire Ring Sling


When babywearing in warm or humid weather, experienced wearers would always recommend using a linen sling in single layer carries. Linen is light and airy as it allows air to flow through the fabric easily and lets the skin breathe in the heat.

I consider myself one lucky momma for being able to host two carriers from Soul Slings; the cotton Celadon and the 100% linen, Sapphire ringsling.

At first touch, Sapphire felt incredibly thin and floppy. I knew that linen is an amazingly supportive fabric but I was still worried that it wouldn’t be able to provide the right amount of support for my heavy wriggly toddler.

The rich solid navy blue color of Sapphire is very versatile. You don’t have to worry about coordinating your clothes with your carrier because it can match any outfit. Babywearing dads would also enjoy wearing their little bubs with Sapphire for its masculine vibe.


Against the light, you can see how wonderful this sling is in hot weather. It’s so thin you can see right through it.

It is also compact, it would be easy to store in your diaper bag as it doesn’t take a lot of space. If you have a toddler who likes to be in and out of a carrier, just pop Sapphire in your bag and use it for short carries.

While we were gallivanting around the Venice Piazza canal and mall, I noticed that I had to make adjustments every now and then by tightening the rails and pulling up the seat.

The thin linen kept on slipping from the large rings and I also had to regularly fix Sophia’s position to ensure our comfort.  She was asleep throughout our walk and I don’t know how we would have fared if she was awake since she would be wriggling around and trying to pop her seat.


Sapphire would be the perfect sling for newborns and babies who are on the lighter side. The thin fabric will not overheat your squish and it will not overwhelm those tiny legs.

I advise it to be used by an experienced babywearer or someone who is not daunted by ringslings.  The wearer should be able to carefully thread and tighten the rails well and spread it evenly at the back to avoid discomfort while wearing.

After snapping some photos, Sophia woke up from her nap and we had to change back to Celadon (see my review here) as it was more comfortable for us.


This 100% linen ringsling is affordable at $65 or Php 3100.86 (as of currency conversion at publish date).  You can reach out to our local retailers, MommAmazing and King and Mum-n-Bub for more information.



Overall, Soul Slings Sapphire linen ringsling is a great summer sling for its light and airy fabric. It is perfect for newborns as it’s not too bulky for tiny legs. Since linen can be slippery, careful threading and tightening of the rails is necessary to ensure proper positioning and comfort for both wearer and baby. Furthermore, I would recommend Sapphire for someone who has experience in using ringslings. The solid color and fabric may be confusing for newbies and people who are ringsling-challenged.

Soul Slings Sapphire RS
Toddler: 17 months, 10.5 kgs
Wearer: Plus Sized Momma

Type of Carrier: Machine Woven Ring Sling

Brand: Soul Slings


Fabric Content: 100% natural linen

Size: 27 inches wide and 83 Inches long.

Ring Size/Type: large, aluminum

Shoulder Style: gathered

Wash&care: both machine and hand wash

Local Distributor: MommAmazing and King and Mum-N-Bub







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