Sling Review – Nona Imagine Blue Ice


Hello friends!

I would like you to meet a new babywearing friend that we got to know late last year when she came to visit us for Christmas.  Please meet Nona, a new Dutch company specializing in artfully designed yet affordable jacquard woven baby wraps.

Everything about the brand was meticulously thought out and planned including its name. Nona was one of the Parcae, the three personifications of destiny in Roman mythology and the Roman goddess of pregnancy. She is the Roman equivalent of the Greek Clotho, who spun the thread of life from her distaff onto her spindle. (It’s the perfect name for a woven wrap!) Nona, whose name means “ninth”, was called upon by pregnant women in their ninth month when the child was due to be born. She, Decima and Morta together controlled the metaphorical thread of life.


I feel fortunate to have been chosen as a tester for this beautiful sling, Imagine Blue Ice. The color was a stunning interplay of blue and white reminiscent of water and ice crystals. It’s cool to the eyes and perfect for a sunny day out in the park or at the beach.

It’s a medium weight wrap at 246 gsm and the tight weave ensured that you have the right amount of support to carry your toddler or a heavier baby. Some mommas from the Manila tester group found the weight and the weave to be somewhat stifling in the tropical heat but I actually liked the thickness of the wrap.  We always used single pass carries to make it less warm for me and baby when we were out and about and away from airconditioning. It would make a lovely shorty wrap!


The textured surface of Imagine Blue Ice provided maximum grip for carries that will not budge.  We went out on a long walk in a Shepherd’s Carry and little Sophia stayed in place and I didn’t have to make any adjustments at all.  A single knot even held in place!


Although it is 100% cotton and me being at the bottom of the tester queue, I was expecting the wrap to have already been broken in.  However, it still felt rough to the touch and required more breaking in to make it floppy and squish worthy.  The roughness of the wrap may have likewise contributed to the grip but it also made the passes more difficult to maneuver most especially in making that double hammock pass.


Don’t let the beastly nature of this wrap scare you away from the brand because once fully broken in this would make a lovely addition to your stash and would be a great workhorse wrap.  You can bring it anywhere and everywhere and it’s an easy to care for sling. It’s an elegant pangharabas wrap, pramis. 🙂


And I’ve saved the best for last.  This beautiful wrap which looks like a high end brand has an uber affordable price!

Here’s their pricelist lifted off from their Facebook page:

Price in Euro           Price in Peso

Size 2 € 42                Php 2185.70
Size 3 € 47                Php 2445.90
Size 4 € 52                Php 2705.32
Size 5 € 57                Php 2965.74
Size 6 € 62                Php 3225.58
Size 7 € 68                Php 3538.54
Ringsling €50          Php 2601.87

*currency conversion as of publish date

We are still crossing our fingers to have one of our local distributors as authorized retailers for Nona. And I hope that it’s going to be soon because they are releasing drool worthy designs that I’m sure a lot of Fluffinay mommas would want to get their hands on.

Overall, this is a great wrap for carrying heavy babies or toddlers and it would be a wonderful workhorse wrap. The brand have elegant designs and an affordable price point most especially for Filipino moms who are curious about international brands. I am eager to cuddle with this wrap once it has become fully broken in and I can’t wait to have one of our local distributors carry this brand. (Join me in prayer, mommies. We need a Nona in our lives.) ❤

Nona Imagine Blue Ice
Toddler: 17 months, 10.5kgs
Wearer: Plus sized momma

Type of Carrier: Imagine Blue Ice Woven Wrap
Brand: Nona Woven Wraps
Authorized Local Retailers/Distributors: (Coming Soon)
Size: 5 (490x72cm / 4.2M)
Fabric Content: 100% Cotton
Type of weave: Jacquard
Surface Weight: 246gr/m2
Width: 72cm / 28 inches
Suitable for toddlers
Machine Washable






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