Sling Review – West of the 4th Signature Wrap (Brown top – Ivory bottom)


Hello friends!

Happy new year! Having a wrap review is a great way to start the year. Most especially if the tester wrap is as gorgeous as the West of the 4th Signature Wrap that came to visit us for Christmas.  Thanks to a parcel mix up, this beauty arrived a week early and it was the perfect pick me up for this momma with the blues.


It was a merry Christmas indeed!

West of the 4th Weaving is located in Canada and is the weaving studio of Nancy Warwaruk and her husband Corwyn. Nancy has been a weaver for 18 years and her focus on colour play is evident in her handiworks. Their firm commitment to using environmentally friendly and sustainable fibers has led to the creation of a new yarn which is 50% Flax (linen) and 50% Lyocell (more commonly known as Tencel).

They used this yarn as the weft fibre on a cotton warp resulting in a fabric that is approximately 50% cotton / 25% flax (linen) / 25% lyocell and is amazingly soft and strong and sturdy!


If you are itching to get your hands on this miracle fibre, then make sure to sign up for a pre-order because this  yarn is only available through West of the 4th Weaving.

I thank my lucky stars (that’s you mommy Claud!) that I was fortunate enough to review this beautiful sling.


True to their word, this wrap was buttery soft at first touch.  It felt like a well loved baby blanket.  Sophia was on a wrap strike when it arrived but she agreed to go on an uppy after playing peek-a-boo with it.  (LOL!) After carrying her for 30 minutes, I had to put her down and prepare to leave for our family day out.  However, she refused to be unwrapped!  She followed me around with the wrap clutched in her tiny hands, begging me to carry her again.  This wrap has magic woven into it.  It makes hyperactive toddlers calm and want to be carried all the time.

This marshmallow soft handwoven wrap was made in West of the 4ths’s Signature design and the gender neutral tones of earthy terracotta colors was gorgeous in real life.

The tapers are flat or straight and the rails have barely there hems. It’s so gorgeous!

The middle marker’s a hand threaded folded thread seen in both rails and was meant to be discrete. However, this made looking for the marker a bit difficult for me since I locate the marker by running my fingers along the rail.

It’s almost invisible!

The wrap is thin but surprisingly supportive for my almost 11 Kg ball of energy.  I was able to comfortably carry her in an FWCC while gallivanting around BGC and SM Aura. We walked around, enjoyed the Christmas decorations, and did our grocery shopping.

It packed a lot of sleepy dust too, we were able to take great pictures because the wriggly toddler was completely knocked out.  🙂


The softness of the new fibre lends it a lot of cush and it felt really good on my shoulders.  I carried Sophia for more than 3 hours straight and did not feel any strain on my shoulders and back.

It is moldable and quite forgiving of sloppy or quick wrap jobs.  I had to do a quick Kangaroo carry with an unwieldy Sophia who still wanted to run around the park despite the late hour.

Back at home, I would put Sophia up in a double hammock while running errands and chores.  The width is perfect for toddlers but not too overwhelming for babies. The passes glide well and baby kulit stayed in place despite all her efforts to wriggle out to play with the doggies.

We love this wrap so much but I may have to sell my stash to have one or beg my husband to let me purchase one in lieu of a new cellphone or laptop.  The wrap comes in 2 sizes, 3 meters at SGD (Singapore Dollar) 330.00 and 4.2 meters at SGD 455.00.


In case the exclusive flax weft of West of the 4th wrap is a little out of your budget, you can check out Nancy’s Accessible Collection.

The wraps are priced at SGD 159.00 to SGD 262.00 and comes in more sizes. The wraps in the Accessible Collection are soft for a new born and strong for a toddler. Each wrap is 100% cotton and has the signature sewn in middle marker and rails with “barely there” hemmed rail.

In case you want to purchase one of their lovely handwoven product, the nearest retailer to us Pinay mommas is CareRing Sling Studio located in Singapore.

CareRing Sling Studio is the official retailer of West of the 4th Weaving in Asia. Nur Afifah is the Founder of CareRing Sling, the first babywearing company in Singapore that provides consultation and assistance for parents in Babywearing.  CareRing Sling Studio is the go-to place for moms who wants to have their slings converted to ringslings. Nur Afifah’s absolute love of textile and babywearing expertise as a certified babywearing consultant has also led her to launch the first woven wrap line in Singapore.

If you’re like me who is dying to try a hearts weave wrap but don’t have the budget to purchase one; you might want to check out CareRing Sling Studio’s Rainbow Love wrap.

Nur Afifah of CareRing Sling Studio  photocredit: CareRing Sling Studio Website



West of the 4th Signature Wrap (Brown top – Ivory bottom)
Toddler: 17 months, 10.5kgs
Wearer: Plus sized momma

Type of Carrier: Handwoven Wrap

Brand: West of the 4th Weaving


Size: 5

Fabric Content: 50% Cotton 25% Flax 25% Lyocell

Suitable for newborn? Toddler?: Suitable for both newborn and toddler

Local Retailers/Distributors: No local retailer




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