Off With Their Heads! How the Queen of Hearts hoarded all the candies and stole everyone’s hearts.


Here at the Fluffinay crib, we take Halloween seriously.  My husband and I would plan for Sophia’s costume months before All Hallow’s Eve.

Last year, she was Little Red Riding Hood. We had to place Sophia in her carrier for trick or treat because she was only 3 months old.  And since we carried her, people were not able to fully appreciate her costume.


So adorable with the pout.


I customized her basket to match her dress ❤

I was lucky enough to find a cute checkered and polka dot dress for only 300 pesos at the mall and the red hood was hand sewn from a satin cloth that I had at home.  Although she was asleep while trick or treating, she certainly had a great time because the excitement kept her up till 2AM that evening. 😥

This year, I wanted to make her something poofy and unforgettable since she would be able to fully model the costume. She’s also very good in walking and running away from mommy so it had to be something that she can freely move in. And of course, we were eyeing for her to win the grand prize at daddy’s office Halloween party.(We’re a competitive bunch hahaha!)

I worked on her costume for more than a week. I should have finished sooner but it was extremely challenging to work with sharp objects (needle and scissors) while a clingy toddler was attached to your booby. LOL!

To make her dress, I began by doing extensive research on Pinterest and Google for design ideas.

If you’re a DIY momma like me or if you’re planning to DIY an event like a birthday party or a christening for your little one, I recommend getting a Pinterest account.  It’s awesome! You could create a board and “Pin” or save ideas for your projects.

My Pinterest Boards

My Pinterest Boards

After making a Halloween 2015 board, I searched for “cute Halloween costumes for baby girl”.  I made sure to pin costumes that were not too difficult for me considering that I don’t have a sewing machine and my resources were limited.  Some of the materials needed to complete the costumes were not readily available or difficult to find here in the Philippines. I  made sure that I would be able to buy the recommended materials or at least improvise with what was available here.

I initially planned on making a Glinda the Good Witch ball gown like this.


Or this


But, I saw this costume for the Queen of Hearts and was immediately smitten.


So cute!


Haha! Did I nail it or was it a Pinterest fail?

Having chosen a final design, I went to Divisoria to look for materials.  Here was my list for the Queen of Hearts tutu gown:

A total of 14 yards of tulle

3 black crochet headband

3 yards black stretchy lace

1 yard black and white checkered cloth

1 yard white felt cloth

red glitters

Elmers Glue

D-3000 (fabric glue)

black and red thread

Paper cups

Gold spray paint

The day I finally got the chance to go to  Divisoria was a rainy Saturday morning.  Typhoon Lando was expected to hit landfall the next day, thus, I thought Divi wouldn’t be as crowded as usual. However, I was wrong.  People seemed to have the same idea as I did because traffic was bad and shoppers and vendors clogged the streets.

I was supposed to take the PNR train but it didn't stop raining and I was... lazy to commute. :-P

I was supposed to take the PNR train but I was worried of a downpour and I was… lazy to commute. Thank God for Uber and skyway. 😛

It was a fortunate thing that all of the materials I needed was in 1 location; the adjacent streets, Ilaya and Tabora.  It took me less than 2 hours to complete my shopping.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of my trip because it never stopped raining when I got there, the road was slippery and muddy, and I couldn’t use an umbrella because the place was crowded with shoppers and hawkers.

My divi haul. Some extra stuff included.

My divi haul. Some extra stuff included.

I had a hard time making Sophia’s birthday dress last year because it was my first time to make a tutu dress and I used the lid of Sophia’s plastic toy container to stretch the crochet top.  It upped the difficulty level to 100 because it was difficult to see the dress taking shape.

Pretty in pink!

Pretty in pink!

This time, I decided to make things a little bit easier for myself by making my own mannequin. Yes, I DIY’d my mannequin.

I used an old hotdog pillow, masking tape, retaso cloth, and electric fan stand. 😉

The measurement is a custom fit for Sophia. <3

The measurement is a custom fit for Sophia. ❤

Since the dress tutorial merits a separate post, I will update my blog with the how to guide this week, pramis!

If you’re dying to know now (as in now na) how I made the skirt, you can search videos on YouTube on how to make a no sew tutu like this video below:

I had completed her ensemble and my little monarch loved it. She didn’t want mommy to take it off when we had our dress fitting. She kept running away from me every time I tried to pull the dress over her head.


On the day of daddy’s office Halloween party, we left the house early because we didn’t want to be late. We booked our Uber ride early but alas! Such bad luck. Our Uber driver didn’t know how to get to Ortigas without having to pass through the heavily congested C5 road. Waze was no help at all. It took us almost 2 hours to get to our destination. When we arrived, they were already announcing the consolation prizes for the kiddie costumes. 😥


Sophia received a gift though because she was just so adorable. ❤ She hoarded tons of candies for daddy (no more sweets for this hyperactive tot!) and she had fun exploring the office. She made her own trick or treat route and surprised unsuspecting employees who were still working at their desks. She had a great time and she got to play and share (steal too) treats with other children.

IMG_20151029_3  IMG_20151029_2


We don’t have a good photo of her because she couldn’t sit still

Her next trick or treat event was at the Bonifacio High Street and Central Park. Trick or treating is free but you have to come early because candies run out real fast. If you want to get a loot bag and a ticket to the Halloween show, you can do so with a 1500 peso single receipt. We got her the loot bag last year but it wasn’t worth the 1500 pesos you needed to spend if you’re not actually planning to buy something. Plus we didn’t need more candies for Sophia (it was actually for daddy) since she was able to hoard a bag full of treats from the previous trick or treat.



She had a blast visiting the stores. If the store has run out of  candies, she would still go in and check the merch on sale.


She loves to visit shoe stores. Taking a breather after walking too fast.


Looking good!

She went here and there and people were so smitten by this tiny spitfire that strangers were asking to take pictures with her. (But they couldn’t since she was moving around too much.) Don’t believe me? Check out her video below.

People LOVED her costume, one momma at the Hamley’s Toy store even asked if she could purchase the dress. Wow!

“Who’s been painting my roses red? Off with their heads!”

It was an amazing Halloween for us and we are now planning for her 2016 costume as early as now. 😀

How about you, my friends? How was your Halloween and what costume did your little tikes wear?





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  1. Pretty baby and halloween dress! Hope I can do the same to my baby next yr! Oh the pink dress is soo ganda talaga! ikaw rin gumawa nun? kakainspire! can you pls share it to a seperate post? tia 🙂


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