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Online Groups for Mommies

Online Groups for Mommies

When we first found out that I was pregnant with Sophia, I knew that I would have to leave a career I enjoy and become a stay at home mom.  I thought that it would be easy to connect with other mothers with whom I could share cute baby moments and toddler-horror stories.  But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.  Stay at home moms rarely have time for themselves because they are busy taking care of EVERYTHING.  Thus, they hardly have time to socialize beyond Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  (You’re lucky if you can even go online!)

I was in need of adult social interaction and the only viable avenue to meet new friends was online.  I searched for Facebook communities and groups that can offer me the support and camaraderie that I was looking for.  Here are some of my online tambayan where I get to share my experiences and meet mommies who share the same interests that I do.  I also asked some of my mommy friends to share their online groups so you can check them out.

Please note that some of these groups are “Closed” and require approval from their respective group administrators for you to become bonafide members.

I included the short description from the groups to help you decide which community you would like to join. Enjoy!

For Babywearing Support

1.Babywearing Philippines – A place where we can discuss everything about babywearing. This group welcomes all types of baby carriers. Both local and international brands, DIY and inexpensive to highly sought after baby carriers


2. Spin Happy Babywearers Club – A happy place to talk about babywearing and share tips and best practices.


3. Filipino Association of Babywearers – A space for babywearing support in between babywearing meets.

4. Babywearing Testers PH – A group for babywearing parents who are interested to try-out test wraps/carriers, in exchange for reviews and photos of the said wraps/carrier.

For Breastfeeding Support

  1. Breastfeeding Pinay – Ang “online community” na ito ay binubuo ng mga ina, ama, trained breastfeeding peer counselors, breastfeeding experts, at mga espesyalista sa pangangalaga ng kalusugan ng sanggol, bata at buntis. Naglalayon ang Breastfeeding Pinays na makapagbigay ng wastong kaalaman, suporta at lakas ng loob para sa mga inang gusto magpasuso (breastfeeding), bumalik sa pagpapasuso (relactation) at matuto ng tamang impormasyon tungkol sa pagpapasuso. Inaasam din ng grupong ito na maitaguyod ang pagpapasuso bilang pamantayan ng bawat pamilyang Pilipino – Protect, Promote and Support Breastfeeding,


For Cloth Diaper Support

  1. Cloth Diaper Addicts Ph – This group was created to be a haven for everyone who would like to learn more about cloth diapering in an environment full of fun, camaraderie and mutual respect. Members of this group are bound together by the love for cloth diapers.
  2. Modern Cloth Nappying Pinays – Sharing the of Modern Cloth Nappies / Diapers among Pinays!
    This is a page to discuss, review, buy / sell / swap new or second-hand nappies, upload pics of your stash or pics of your babies in your favorite MCNs.


3. Cloth Diaper Sewing Pinays – A space dedicated for sewing cloth diapers. Members can discuss sewing, share tips & how-to’s, trade materials & show off their finished works of art.

For Food Lovers

  1. iFoodala Foodies – We love good food. It may be homecooked or fabulous meals out. Let’s share food pics, recipes and tips on where to eat and what to eat. Foodies unite!
  2. Bakehappy Manila – This is one of the happiest and helpful baking groups you will see on FB. Please refer to the “About” write up to learn more about the group and also get to know the basic group rules. We also urge you to please sign up in the following link to be included in the group directory.
  3. Joyful Cuisine Club – A baking and cooking group for newbies and experts where you can get the best advice and tips from professional chefs, bakers, cake decorators and cooks.
  4. kAwAli  aT  pAlAyOK.. – Luto mo, pagkain nating lahat kaya…share your foods and recipes!!!
  5. BentoPH – BentoPH is the country’s first bento community and the official community page of the BENTOMOMMAS where bento enthusiasts can share recipes and tips and get inspiration from each other.

Mommy Support Groups

  1. MOMs Inc – This is a venue for moms and moms to be. A place to chat and mingle; talk about mommy stuff and anything under the sun; get advice and provide encouragement and support to fellow.Being loving and kind are just some of a mom-characteristic, let us practice them and avoid situations such as arguments, negative judgments. Insulting, bashing, being rude and alike are not allowed here. Kindly contact the administrators for any Moms Inc. related concerns. We will try to keep track of every post and make sure concerns are well addressed. Selling/transacting on the wall is not allowed. Let us stick to our common denominator, being a mom. Invite your friends, lets be involved in this mom-community. Let us help each other and make ourselves more productive.
  2. GirlTalk – MommyTalk Phils. is an online community of Pinay moms supporting each other through the journey of motherhood.


3.  South PiNanays – Moms and moms-to-be who help and support each other as we journey through motherhood. Dads, grandparents, sisters, brothers, doctors, nurses, and anybody who believes in natural parenting or wants to learn or needs support or are willing to give support are welcome as well.Mainly a Breastfeeding Support group for those living in Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas and Quezon but other parenting related topics such as pregnancy related, babywearing, cloth diapering, complementary feeding, education and more are welcome.


4.  East Mommas Philippines – Support group for mommies from Rizal, Marikina, Pasig

5.  Modern Moms – Laguna –  This group is formed mainly for the purpose of supporting our main advocacies : Breastfeeding, Babywearing. Cloth Diapering, Baby Led Weaning & Traditional Feeding, Co-Sleepin

6.  Open-minded women – This group is created to promote a stressfree, friendly environment to women of all ages. Huge sense of humor, broad understanding, calm heart are highly recommended.

7.  Pinay Mommies/Pregnancy Corner – A support grouToolsp for Filipina moms, moms and moms to be (pregnants). This group is breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and baby wearing advocate.

8.  TTC Pinays (Trying to Conceive Support Group Philippines) – A support group made for Filipina women who are trying to conceive and battling natural conception for quite some time. This group is open to those who have suffered loss or miscarriage as well as couples who are still starting to build a family of their own.

9.  Gentle Birth in the Philippines – This group was originally started to address the actions of the Department of Health to make home birthing illegal. The original purpose of this group is to keep home birthing in the Philippines legal and to educate families about homebirthing in the Philippines.The group has since evolved and we now focus on gentle birth options. We seek to provide every woman giving birth in the Philippines information, research and experience to allow them to make an informed decision when making their birth option.

10.  Attachment Parenting Philippines – This is a group where Pinoy parents can discuss and share their experiences about attachment parenting.

11.  Tambayan Ni Nanay Atbp – Mabuhay sa Tambayan ni Nanay Atbp. Layunin ng ating grupo ang magkaroon ng isang masaya at mapayapang tambayan. Pwede dito ang kahit na anong kwentuhan na iyong maiisipan. Maari rin tayong magbenta, bumili, sumali sa raffle at magparaffle!😉
Samahang magkakaibigan na “pamilya” ang turingan.


These are other “Secret” Mommy Groups that are not searchable on Facebook.  You would need to have a member of the group send you an invite to be able to join.

  1. Forevermoms
  2. Mommy hub ph
  3. Sexy beautiful pinay mommies
  4. Mommy’s Secret PH
  5. WHAMmanila/Wahmderful community for work-at-home moms

Other Groups

  1. PARTY PLANS AND IDEAS – We started out as a small support group back in July 2012 for sharing ideas in planning our perfect occasion for our loved ones. Our first members were mostly Moms who love DIY’s. And now we decided to expand our community by creating an online Free Market. We create opportunities for big and small time traders/suppliers to find their market as we continue to accept members nationwide who are planning, or looking for party supplies or awesome talents who will spice up their events
  2. Adult Coloring Book  PH – Adult coloring books for Filipinos.
    Feel free to post your creation and projects here!
    Ads, online selling can post their items FRIDAY AND SUNDAY ONLY.
  3. Phil. Stock Market Discussions, Comments and Forecast – This group is for Global Pinoys who love to talk about stocks/stock market in the Philippines. This is also for beginners or professionals who want to share inputs, forecast, and analysis on the Philippine Stock Market
  4. G6pd Deficiency ph – G6PD Deficiency Philippines (G6PDDPh) is a non-profit group which aims to disseminate awareness about G6PD Deficiency based on substantial studies, data from health care providers, group polls/statistics and electronic reports from G6PDDPh-Awareness group members.
  5. Home Farmers Club (Urban Container Gardening Enthusiasts) – Home Farmers Club – Urban Container Gardening Enthusiasts. A group purposely created to serve as a venue/hub for those who are into UCG or interested to try UCG. This serves as a learning point, discussion arena for exchanges of best practices and sharing of knowledge, meeting UCG enthusiasts and pretty much knowing everything about UCG. Inspired by the encouraging example of the “The Gardener” Mr. Perfecto “Jojo” Rom, Jr. of Davao City, Philippines who is the admin of this group, the Home Farmers Club aims to invite you to try UCG and be a part of our effort to solve hunger and malnutrition, advance food security, reduce and recycle waste and in the long run democratize agriculture.
  6. Forever DADS – Forever DADS is the daddy counterpart of Forever MOMS! Daddies of all kind whether you are a single-dad, married, separated, or living in with your baby-momma, you are welcomed!

For Health and Wellness

  1. Be Fit Pinay – This group will update daily with healthy living news, energizing workout moves, fitness and nutrition.
  2. Natural Beauty & Health Remedies (NBHR) – NBHR is a group where women can freely express themselves. This group is created for the benefits of women looking for place to enjoy being one. We can definitely discuss anything that concerns us, whether it is about cooking, make up, recycling, baby-sitting, hubby-sitting, home decoration, organizing a party, fashion, relationship or you can even vent out during your menstrual period. We can be your online “sumbungan” anytime of the day. We will also discuss about beauty tips that can help improve ourselves for a better looking us. We will make sure to discuss natural tips and affordable ones. Health remedies will be also discussed here.

For BST  and Group Buys (Buy, Sell, Trade)

  1. Tipid Nanay – Tipid Nanay aims to broaden the choices of moms who are looking for good deals on baby and mommy stuff. Happy shopping!
  2. Parent’s Circle Pasa-Buy – The groups aim is to help the members save as much as possible in comparison to mall/retail prices. It’s not really much additional effort at all once you’ve got the prices down, and the savings really add up. At the same time to provide a community of moms and dads that love shopping keeping a harmonious and peaceful settings.
  3. PH Babywearing B/S/T – PH Babywearing B/S/T is a place to buy, sell or trade recommended and safe baby carriers.

Sling Review – Didymos Sterntaler


Once upon a time there was a little girl whose father and mother had died, and she was so poor that she no longer had a room to live in, nor a bed to sleep in, and at last she had nothing else but the clothes she was wearing and a little piece of bread in her hand that some charitable soul had given her. She was good and pious, however. And as she was thus forsaken by all the world, she went forth into the country, trusting in dear God.

Then a poor man met her, who said, “Ah, give me something to eat, I am so hungry.”

She handed him her entire piece of bread, saying, “May God bless it for you,” and went on her way.

Then came a child who moaned and said, “My head is so cold. Give me something to cover it with.” So she took off her cap and gave it to the child. And when she had walked a little farther, she met another child who had no jacket and was freezing. So she gave her jacket to that child, and a little farther on one begged for a dress, and she gave her dress away as well. At length she made her way into a forest and it was already dark. Then there came yet another child, and asked for a shift, and the pious girl thought to herself, “It is a dark night and no one can see you. You can very well give your shift away,” and she took it off, and gave it away as well.

And thus she stood there, with nothing left at all, when suddenly some stars fell down from heaven, and they were nothing else but hard shining talers, and although she had just given her shift away, she was now wearing a new one which was of the very finest linen. Then she gathered together the money into it, and was rich all the days of her life.

*Source: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, Die Sterntaler, Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Grimms’ Fairy Tales), no. 153.


Having been bitten by the babywearing bug, I was keen to join all the available babywearing groups and forums on Facebook. (I’ll make a list soon, pramis!) The international babywearing community introduced me to carriers and brands that were yet to be made available in the Philippines. It was the cause of many sleepless nights as the yearning to own and carry my baby with a desperately-in-search-of (DISO) wrap was making me wish for a money tree or win the lottery jackpot. One of the wraps that I fell in love with was the Sterntaler from Didymos.  It’s a blue and golden colored cotton wrap designed with the story of Die Sterntaler.  As it was a limited edition and highly sought after wrap, I knew that the chances of owning one was slim and nearly impossible.

I was stalking the pages of the Babywearing Swap on an early Thursday morning and I was enjoying the respite from mommy duties.  (Baby kulit was still sleeping.)

The Babywearing Swap page on Facebook

The Babywearing Swap page on Facebook

I was scrolling through the posts and drooling over the lovely wraps for sale when a mini stash sale caught my eye.  A Sterntaler was up for sale from the Netherlands!  I have never tried purchasing a used wrap abroad and I was a total noob when it comes to international BST (Buy-Sell-Trade).  I immediately sent a private message to the Dutch momma and asked her to have the wrap reserved under my name.  Since the seller was overseas, I needed to create a Paypal account so I can pay for the wrap.

When buying and selling abroad, it is recommended to complete the trade using Paypal.  Please do not participate in a BST if Paypal is not the payment method of choice. Paypal offers buyer protection in case you don’t receive your carrier or if it’s significantly different as described by the seller.

It’s easy to create a Paypal account, you can click on this link for the step by step instruction on how to create an account.  When sending a payment with Paypal, please always use the “I’m paying for goods and services” option so your purchase is covered by buyer protection.

Make sure you're covered with Buyer Protection

Make sure you’re covered with Buyer Protection

As soon as I made my payment, the lovely Dutch momma sent me my DISO Sterntaler.  It took around 3 weeks for the package to reach the Taguig post office.  Since the wrap was placed in a big box, it was intercepted by Customs and was subjected to taxes. (Boohoo!)

Yey! Fluff mail!

Yey! Fluff mail!

Someone's excited to open the box

Someone’s excited to open the box


My first Didymos ❤

Didymos is a Greek word which means “Twin”.  It was founded in 1972 by Erika Hoffman who turned to using a sling from Central America when she found she had her hands full with twin daughters.  She was the pioneer of babywearing in Germany and after being featured in a couple of German magazines and having mothers country-wide inquire about her sling, Erika Hoffman made the decision to start a business. She chose to weave in Germany, rather than import her slings, as she wanted fabric that would provide the right level of elasticity and support and that would retain these qualities even with frequent washing. Didymos carriers come in various fabric blends such as cotton, linen, hemp, silk, tussah silk, wool, alpaca, cashmere, ramie and kapok. They don’t use bamboo fibers though since it requires an intensive chemical process to turn it into babywearing safe fiber.

Erika Hoffman, founder of Didymos

Erika Hoffman, founder of Didymos

Natuerlich Tragen offers babywearing consultancy, courses, and sells slings and wraps in their shop in Stuttgart, Germany.  They collaborated with Didymos to create a limited edition wrap that celebrates one of the widely popular German fairy tale, Die Sterntaler (Star Money).


Didymos Sterntaler is a medium weight wrap at 200 gsm and is made of 100% cotton.  The blue and golden color provides the perfect contrast to the snowy landscape and the golden stars.  I love the shade of blue on this wrap. It has the look of a well loved pair of jeans and it doesn’t overwhelm someone who prefers muted colors over intense hues. The wrap has two faces, the right side which is predominantly blue and the wrong side which is more golden yellow.

“Right” side

“Wrong” side

It was crunchy of the box and still required some breaking in to make it soft. The original owner said that they have hard water over their side of the pond which may have contibuted to the stiffness of the sling. It didn’t feel like a broken in wrap but after a short time of wearing, it did start to become moldable and soft.




The thickness of the wrap is perfect for our weather and it offers a lot of bounce and cush even for a 9kg toddler. Sophia feels weightless in this wrap and it’s perfect for a long day of babywearing.

Front wrap cross carry.

Front wrap cross carry.

You will find the beautiful design of the girl catching stars about 8 to 10 inches from the middle marker. It takes a bit of maneuvering and placement to ensure that the highlight of the design is visible when wearing your baby. I would have preferred to have the girl in the middle of the wrap so placement is easier to achieve.

It’s a gorgeous wrap and it has awesome wrapping qualities but since it’s a size 6, it doesn’t get a lot of action nowadays. My little toddler has the talent of Houdini when she wants to go down from her sling and walk about. She would pop her seat, lean back like a gymnast, pull on mommy’s hair and kick her legs around until I unwrap her. I would then chase her around while she wreak havoc at the toy store or at the shoe store. (She has a penchant for shoes. Lol!) If I use a size 5 or 6 wrap, I look like I’m wrapped in a blanket or I’m carrying a bed sheet. That’s why I stick with shorty wraps when we’re out and about since it’s easier to store in my bag or fold and carry.

It’s almost Christmas and Sterntaler is perfect for the holiday season. We can’t wait to take this lovely wrap out of the cupboard and play with it again.

While waiting for December, please enjoy more Sterntaler photos below:

Free stroopwaffles!

Free stroopwaffles!


Hmmm… the box looks more interesting than the wrap. – Sophia Isabelle

Under the winter sky, talers rained down on the kind hearted child.

Under the winter sky, talers rained down on the kind hearted child.


Sterntaler means star money



Where's the squirrel?

Where’s the squirrel?

Close up of the trees

Close up of the trees


Middle marker for the top rail

Middle marker for the top rail


Middle marker for the bottom rail


Didymos tag

Stroopwaffles are awesome!

Stroopwaffles are awesome!

Do you have a Desperately-In-Search-Of (DISO) wrap? Please share with us your ultimate dream carrier. Wishes do come true, you know. 😉



Queen of Hearts Tutu Tutorial


Here it is, friends. My tutorial on how to make Sophia’s Queen of Hearts costume that she wore for Halloween.


A disclaimer before we proceed, I am not trained in design and dress making. I don’t even know how to make a pattern. I learned how to use a sewing machine when I was in 3rd year high school and now I have forgotten how to change the thread and needle in one. I had a tiny sewing machine from Lazada earlier this year but it broke down in less than a week. (It was the 1k machine. Better invest in a sturdier brand.) I hope the tutorial would help you in making your baby’s tutu dress because my methods are not exact and measurements are mostly approximations. I usually eyeball them. Hahaha! (Diskarte lang talaga!)

Alrighty, let’s begin. 😀

  1. Look for a design on Pinterest, Etsy, or Google.
Pretty tutu dresses!

Pretty tutu dresses!

Pinterest is a good place to get inspiration. Make sure to choose a design that has materials that you can find here in the Philippines or at least have alternatives that you can use instead.

I wanted to make a lace crown for her costume but I couldn’t find mod podge or fabric stiffener and spray lacquer anywhere. So I had to trash that idea.

Glittery lace crowns

Glittery lace crowns

Do choose a design with a difficulty level that you are comfortable with. It’s great to be ambitious but materials can be expensive and it would defeat the purpose of going DIY if you redo and spend more for materials or you just end up buying a ready made dress instead.

2. Buy your materials.

You can go to Divisoria to buy all your tulle and sewing notions needs. They are cheaper too compared to mall-based fabric stores. A yard of tulle costs around php25 to 35 pesos.  However, they do not have soft tulle strips or tulle rolls. (Although, I was able to find hard tulle strips in limited colors.) I went back and forth from Ilaya and Tabora streets to the Tutuban mall but wasn’t able to find tulle strips.


Tulle strips or rolls

Why do you need tulle strips? Because it will save you time in cutting the 60 width tulle fabric into 6 inch strips. It is very time consuming and you have to make sure that your strips are of equal length and width. I was able to find an online shop on Facebook who sells tutu dress materials but I haven’t tried ordering from them yet.

Here’s my shopping list for the dress:

8 yards red soft tulle

3 yards white soft tulle

2 yards black soft tulle

1 yard yellow soft tulle

3 yards black ribbon

1 yard black and white checkered fabric

1 yard white felt cloth

3 black crochet headband

1 pack red glitter

Elmers glue

Fabric glue

Paper cup

Gold spray paint

2 buttons

1 yard elastic with button holes

1 black headband

Note: Please don’t skimp on your tulle fabric. Your dress won’t look poofy if you only have 2 tiers on your tulle skirt. Plus, if you run out of tulle and couldn’t go back to Divisoria you would have to buy from the mall. A yard of tulle at the mall costs 180 pesos.

My divi haul. Some extra stuff included.

My divi haul. Some extra stuff included.

3. Take your baby’s measurement. Again, I am not an expert. I measured the following:

  • circumference of her chest and her waist (above the belly button)
  • Length of the bodice from her armpit to waist
  • Length of the skirt from waist to her ankles


4. Cut your tulle into strips. The length is based on your baby’s measurement.

The length of her skirt is 16 inches so I doubled that and added an extra inch for the knot. I cut mine into 6 inches wide and 33 inches long.

Work on a big flat surface like the kitchen table. It will be easier on your back and the fabric will be laid flat.


Tulle manually cut into 6 inch strips

5. Sew together 3 headband crochet to create the bodice or the tube top.  if you are able to find a wider crocheted bodice, you can skip this step.  I scoured Divisoria and wasn’t able to find one that was wider than 4 inches.


Now, you’re ready to create your skirt.


To make the skirt:

1.Follow the no-sew tutu tutorial on this YouTube video to create the


2. Use the red tulle strips and tie 3 tiers leaving 4 slots in front for the white and yellow tulle strips.

Make 3 tiers of red tulle starting from the bottom, working your way up

Make 3 tiers of red tulle starting from the bottom, working your way up. Leave 4 slots in front for the yellow and white tulle


3 tiers of red tulle


3. For the front part of the skirt, use the white tulle strip and tie them to the 2nd and 3rd (bottom) tier.



4. For the 1st (top) tier, follow this pattern: yellow – white – white – yellow.  (Yup, I only used 2 strips of the yellow tulle)


I chose to attach the black tulle later after I have sewn in the checkered decoration/applique on the bodice.


To complete the bodice:

1.Make a square and a pentagon pattern on your felt cloth. I don’t have exact measurements because I only eyeballed it hahaha.

2. Cover the felt  cutouts with your checkered cloth. Use your fabric glue to attach the cloth to the felt.

3. Place the pentagon on top of the square and sew together. Make sure the pentagon tip is midline and pointing downwards.


It would be difficult to accomplish this without a mannequin


4. To make the checkered strips at the front of the skirt, cut 1.5 inch x 16 inches strips on your felt cloth.  Wrap it with the checkered cloth and attach to the underside of the square cutout before you sew everything on the crochet bodice.



Tuck the strip under the square applique

5. I used the black tulle by creating a 4th tier on top of the red tulle skirt layer.  I divided the black tulle in 2 and tied it to the side using  a black ribbon.



6. To complete the dress, make heart cut outs of varying sizes on the felt cloth. Total of 5 hearts.  Glitterize the hearts by using glue and red glitter. Let it dry overnight before you attach to the dress.


I  made a total of 5 heart cutouts from large to small


7. Use fabric glue to attach the hearts.  The largest on the bodice and the rest on the skirt. Leave the smallest heart for the crown.




To make the collar:

I actually don’t know where you can buy elastic with button holes in Divisoria. I got a little creative and used the spare elastic from Sophia’s cloth diaper.

1. Cut the white tulle strips into 6 inches wide and 8 inches long strips.


use an elastic with button holes to make the collar detachable

2. Use the no sew tutu technique to complete the collar


I stretched the elastic using a plastic container

3. Sew buttons on the inside of the bodice where you can attach the collar



To make the crown:

1. Use a small paper cup and cut triangles to shape into a crown. Paint with gold spray paint.  Let dry overnight.

2. Attach the small heart on the crown.

3. Use your glue gun to attach the crown to the headband


Voila! Your ensemble is complete. 🙂









I hope this helps in starting you off your tutu dress project.  It’s so much fun and your baby will be wearing something you made with love.

If you have questions or clarifications, please feel free to reach out to me. I know this tutorial is far from perfect as I really didn’t plan on making one; thus, I wasn’t able to take pictures for each step and get measurements for the components of the dress.

Hope you have fun!








Off With Their Heads! How the Queen of Hearts hoarded all the candies and stole everyone’s hearts.


Here at the Fluffinay crib, we take Halloween seriously.  My husband and I would plan for Sophia’s costume months before All Hallow’s Eve.

Last year, she was Little Red Riding Hood. We had to place Sophia in her carrier for trick or treat because she was only 3 months old.  And since we carried her, people were not able to fully appreciate her costume.


So adorable with the pout.


I customized her basket to match her dress ❤

I was lucky enough to find a cute checkered and polka dot dress for only 300 pesos at the mall and the red hood was hand sewn from a satin cloth that I had at home.  Although she was asleep while trick or treating, she certainly had a great time because the excitement kept her up till 2AM that evening. 😥

This year, I wanted to make her something poofy and unforgettable since she would be able to fully model the costume. She’s also very good in walking and running away from mommy so it had to be something that she can freely move in. And of course, we were eyeing for her to win the grand prize at daddy’s office Halloween party.(We’re a competitive bunch hahaha!)

I worked on her costume for more than a week. I should have finished sooner but it was extremely challenging to work with sharp objects (needle and scissors) while a clingy toddler was attached to your booby. LOL!

To make her dress, I began by doing extensive research on Pinterest and Google for design ideas.

If you’re a DIY momma like me or if you’re planning to DIY an event like a birthday party or a christening for your little one, I recommend getting a Pinterest account.  It’s awesome! You could create a board and “Pin” or save ideas for your projects.

My Pinterest Boards

My Pinterest Boards

After making a Halloween 2015 board, I searched for “cute Halloween costumes for baby girl”.  I made sure to pin costumes that were not too difficult for me considering that I don’t have a sewing machine and my resources were limited.  Some of the materials needed to complete the costumes were not readily available or difficult to find here in the Philippines. I  made sure that I would be able to buy the recommended materials or at least improvise with what was available here.

I initially planned on making a Glinda the Good Witch ball gown like this.


Or this


But, I saw this costume for the Queen of Hearts and was immediately smitten.


So cute!


Haha! Did I nail it or was it a Pinterest fail?

Having chosen a final design, I went to Divisoria to look for materials.  Here was my list for the Queen of Hearts tutu gown:

A total of 14 yards of tulle

3 black crochet headband

3 yards black stretchy lace

1 yard black and white checkered cloth

1 yard white felt cloth

red glitters

Elmers Glue

D-3000 (fabric glue)

black and red thread

Paper cups

Gold spray paint

The day I finally got the chance to go to  Divisoria was a rainy Saturday morning.  Typhoon Lando was expected to hit landfall the next day, thus, I thought Divi wouldn’t be as crowded as usual. However, I was wrong.  People seemed to have the same idea as I did because traffic was bad and shoppers and vendors clogged the streets.

I was supposed to take the PNR train but it didn't stop raining and I was... lazy to commute. :-P

I was supposed to take the PNR train but I was worried of a downpour and I was… lazy to commute. Thank God for Uber and skyway. 😛

It was a fortunate thing that all of the materials I needed was in 1 location; the adjacent streets, Ilaya and Tabora.  It took me less than 2 hours to complete my shopping.  Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of my trip because it never stopped raining when I got there, the road was slippery and muddy, and I couldn’t use an umbrella because the place was crowded with shoppers and hawkers.

My divi haul. Some extra stuff included.

My divi haul. Some extra stuff included.

I had a hard time making Sophia’s birthday dress last year because it was my first time to make a tutu dress and I used the lid of Sophia’s plastic toy container to stretch the crochet top.  It upped the difficulty level to 100 because it was difficult to see the dress taking shape.

Pretty in pink!

Pretty in pink!

This time, I decided to make things a little bit easier for myself by making my own mannequin. Yes, I DIY’d my mannequin.

I used an old hotdog pillow, masking tape, retaso cloth, and electric fan stand. 😉

The measurement is a custom fit for Sophia. <3

The measurement is a custom fit for Sophia. ❤

Since the dress tutorial merits a separate post, I will update my blog with the how to guide this week, pramis!

If you’re dying to know now (as in now na) how I made the skirt, you can search videos on YouTube on how to make a no sew tutu like this video below:

I had completed her ensemble and my little monarch loved it. She didn’t want mommy to take it off when we had our dress fitting. She kept running away from me every time I tried to pull the dress over her head.


On the day of daddy’s office Halloween party, we left the house early because we didn’t want to be late. We booked our Uber ride early but alas! Such bad luck. Our Uber driver didn’t know how to get to Ortigas without having to pass through the heavily congested C5 road. Waze was no help at all. It took us almost 2 hours to get to our destination. When we arrived, they were already announcing the consolation prizes for the kiddie costumes. 😥


Sophia received a gift though because she was just so adorable. ❤ She hoarded tons of candies for daddy (no more sweets for this hyperactive tot!) and she had fun exploring the office. She made her own trick or treat route and surprised unsuspecting employees who were still working at their desks. She had a great time and she got to play and share (steal too) treats with other children.

IMG_20151029_3  IMG_20151029_2


We don’t have a good photo of her because she couldn’t sit still

Her next trick or treat event was at the Bonifacio High Street and Central Park. Trick or treating is free but you have to come early because candies run out real fast. If you want to get a loot bag and a ticket to the Halloween show, you can do so with a 1500 peso single receipt. We got her the loot bag last year but it wasn’t worth the 1500 pesos you needed to spend if you’re not actually planning to buy something. Plus we didn’t need more candies for Sophia (it was actually for daddy) since she was able to hoard a bag full of treats from the previous trick or treat.



She had a blast visiting the stores. If the store has run out of  candies, she would still go in and check the merch on sale.


She loves to visit shoe stores. Taking a breather after walking too fast.


Looking good!

She went here and there and people were so smitten by this tiny spitfire that strangers were asking to take pictures with her. (But they couldn’t since she was moving around too much.) Don’t believe me? Check out her video below.

People LOVED her costume, one momma at the Hamley’s Toy store even asked if she could purchase the dress. Wow!

“Who’s been painting my roses red? Off with their heads!”

It was an amazing Halloween for us and we are now planning for her 2016 costume as early as now. 😀

How about you, my friends? How was your Halloween and what costume did your little tikes wear?