Firespiral Slings – Cinnabar Sand Vortex <3


January 2015.

I was falling in love with wrapping my baby using woven wraps.  I was so besotted with wrapping that I have purchased wraps from all the available local weaving houses at that time.  I wanted to try more wraps and I was excited to explore.  I stalked international babywearing groups on Facebook and read up on wrap recommendations from experienced babywearers around the world.  If I were to brave astronomical customs charges, that international wrap better be worth it!

Mommies were raving about Oscha, Artipoppe, and Woven Wings but sadly; they were all expensive and beyond my wrap budget.  Then, I heard about Firespiral Slings. I checked their website and fell head over heels with their Gamma Crucis Starmap wrap. (I didn’t know this wrap was extremely hard to find and highly sought after. Silly me for thinking I could own a unicorn!)


Firespiral Slings jacquard woven wraps are made in North West England.   They employ small, local producers and suppliers and they believe in ecological and ethical production.  The owners, Jen and Tamsin are very hands on with Firespiral.  They are involved with every process from the wrap design up to its shipment as well as their after sales service.  (They have amazing customer support!  It’s either Jen or Tamsin who will respond to your email.)


They have 2 design lines, Alchemy and Elements.  The Alchemy wraps are more lush as they use a looser weave for the ultimate in softness, mouldability and cush. They use a wider range of designs, fibres and techniques; thus, a lot of Alchemy wraps are highly sought after.


Dryad Dendron Birch Trees


Sherbet Curves of Pursuit

Obsidian Cyano Starmap Wrap

Obsidian Cyano Starmap Wrap

The Elements range is their budget line and are perfect beater wraps. They have a tighter weave and comes in limited designs.  All Elements wrap are 100% cotton.  It needs very little breaking in because it is already soft once you receive it but you need to use it frequently for it to reach Alchemy softness.

Brimstone TS

Brimstone Tentacular Spectacular


Graphite Starmap


Magenta Kaleidoscope


I have never tried purchasing from abroad and I was terrified of the package getting lost or of the  customs officer overcharging me with taxes.  But I can’t stop thinking about Fispi.  It was on my mind all the time whether I was awake or in dream land.  I dreamt that I was on the website purchasing a wrap and then the following night, I dreamt that our postman was at our gate with my fispi goody.  I had to give in to the inevitable, I created an account on Firespiral and ordered my first international wrap.`

Cinnabar Sand Vortex

Cinnabar Sand Vortex

It took about 2 weeks for the wrap to arrive here in Manila and another week for it to be forwarded to the Taguig Post Office. (Thank you Sybelle for the help!) Since I wasn’t familiar with the process of picking up parcels from the post office, I called the Taguig PO and inquired about my package.  Luckily, the lady who answered the telephone was friendly and she offered to check if my wrap has arrived.  I gave her the tracking number and when she confirmed that it was there, I immediately changed my clothes and left for the PO.

At the post office, I was asked to pay one hundred pesos (php 100) for the handling fee and was directed to the customs holding area.  I was met by the post master and he told me that I was lucky that the customs officers were not there and as it was my first PO pick up; I would not be charged with customs fees. However, he gave me a stern warning that next time I would have to pay taxes.

I was ecstatic!  So happy that my wrap was in my arms and I did not pay for taxes.  As soon as I got home,  I took obligatory fluff mail photos. 🙂




Here’s some Cinnabar Sand Vortex geekery from the Firespiral website:

Cinnabar Sand Vortex is a spiralling undulation of large and small circles which bring to mind a distant galaxy but also the swirl of bubbles in the crema of a freshly stirred espresso or bubbles in a washing up bowl. The warp is a warm cream colour and the weft an alternating brick red and deep purple. This is a medium weight wrap, weighing in at around 245 gsm, the weave structure that we use making it supportive for heavy toddlers yet so soft on the skin of a newborn.





As it’s 100% combed cotton, the wrap is floppy out of the bag. I wasn’t able to resist doing a quick carry with my baby.  (I know I should have washed it first but it was so so so soft.) After it’s first bath, it became ridiculously softer like a well used baby blanket.

Cinnabar Sand Vortex is under the Alchemy line of Firespiral Slings.  The loose weave makes it airy and perfect for our weather.  This is my favorite wrap and we wear it at least once a week and I cuddle with it at least once a day. 🙂


Its weight 245 gsm doesn’t feel heavy or thick on a humid day. In fact, it offers the perfect amount of cush as I never had sore shoulders or back when I carry with this wrap.  It wraps like a bandage and it molds perfectly with the right amount of grip.  The marshmallow softness is perfect for little squishes.   My ovaries ache to wrap a tiny baby in this fluffy cloud. (sigh!)

At 9Kgs, Sophia is starting to get heavier and when worn on my back, I had to make adjustments every now and then because it will start to sag.  For toddlers, you need to tighten properly to avoid this.  The loose weave of the vortex design makes this beauty extremely prone to pulls.  I make sure not to wear any jewelry and I keep it away from objects that may snag at the threads. Sometimes pulls do happen but the loose weaving also makes it easier to fix.


Fispi is popular for its marshmallow softness and it has been speculated that Jen and Tamsin pre-wash their wraps in pixie dust and unicorn blood.  If you want to coccoon yourself and your little one with the softest wrap in the planet, then try a fispi.



You can purchase your first Fispi by logging on to their website:

If you buy directly from them shipping fee to Manila is GBP13.90.


They only have 2 authorized retailers (that I know of):

Wrap Baby Boutique in the US

Mom’s Little Ones in Malaysia

I have only purchased directly from Firespiral so I’m not sure how much the shipping cost will be from their retailers.



If money is not an issue, which Fispi wrap would you like to cuddle with? 😀






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