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Hello Friends!

Every week, I will be releasing a wrap or sling review of baby carriers that I have owned, played with and holidayed. I am so excited to share my experiences with like-minded mommas and to inspire others to try babywearing. Plus, my husband always get this glazed look over his eyes everytime I rave about a wrap. LOL!

The current stash that I hope would continue to grow (in secret).

I am starting my review list with my first carrier – the dependable  Next9 Ringsling. A bit of a disclaimer before I proceed. The Next9 sling has moved on to a new home and unfortunately, we were  unable to take a photo of newborn Sophia in the sling. 😦 Sucks, I know. But momma wasn’t feeling photoready at that time.

Next9 is a local brand whose advocacy is to promote strong family bonds by creating modernized back to basics products that can help bring parents closer to their children. They have a line of cloth diapers, baby slings/carriers, nursing covers, and maternity wear. You’re probably wondering why they call their brand, Next9. The company believes that the next 9 months after pregnancy is the most critical for a child.

welcomeposterNext9 next9-1

*Photo image from the Next9 website

When Sophia was barely 2 weeks old, we took her to Church to listen to mass and have a little thanksgiving lunch.  Lightweight as she was back then, it was a struggle to cradle her in my arms at all times.  She was so tiny and fragile. I was terrified I might drop her.

Ehh? Why didn’t you bring a stroller?  It would have been easier if you placed her in one.

A bulky stroller wouldn’t help that much because she wanted to be held anyway.

So I snuck out to the mall and searched for a carrier. I had to be back in less than 3 hours because I had to breastfeed Sophia. With a limited budget (1,000 pesos) and time, I looked for a safe and ergonomic carrier which I could  use with a newborn.

I went to Market! Market! and was lucky enough to find a Next9 Ring Sling at the KuKu Duckbill store for 1,000 pesos.  I was able to accomplish my shopping mission in less than an hour and had a small me-time session at Starbucks. Le sigh! That was a good day.

Next9 baby sling is made of cotton which made it perfect for our humid weather. The material is light and thin which didn’t overwhelm little legs with too much fabric.  (Sophia was already in a legs out position as early as 2 weeks old.)

The aluminum rings are safety tested and could hold up to 300 lbs per ring.  They gripped the fabric well which meant that I didn’t have to make adjustments all the time since the sling stayed in place.

The ring sling also had a pocket for a bib which made it handy for spit ups.  Unfortunately, it’s not recommended to put your cellphone in the pocket because it might fall out. (I tried, it was a failure.)

When I had to nurse my baby, the long tail served as a breastfeeding cover so that meant less stuff to lug around.  It was also pretty compact and easy to store. Just fold it and it won’t take up too much space in the  diaper bag.

If you had a C-Section, you might be hesitant to try babywearing because baby might put pressure on your incision.  Don’t worry momma.  If you’re wearing your baby right (baby is close enough to kiss), your little cuppy cake will be snuggled to your chest and his/her tiny bum will be above your belly button.

See, baby is way above your incision site 🙂 *from

On the down side, learning how to use a ring sling can be a bit of a challenge. The Next9 baby sling came with a tutorial CD but I wasn’t able to use it.  I watched their tutorial on YouTube instead.

When Sophia started to get heavier, I could feel the strain on my shoulder and back during long sessions of babywearing.  Since ring slings have one-shoulder support, I felt pain on my shoulder and back despite all the effort in troubleshooting. (The fabric caps the shoulder. Panel spread evenly on the back.) The thin cotton also started to get diggy which added to the discomfort.

Another thing I noticed was her head knocking on the aluminum rings when she sleeping and when she was awake, she turned the rings into a teether. However, these issues were easily remedied by wrapping the excess tail around the rings. 🙂 Just like the picture below (*photo from the Tula website)

Wrap the extra fabric around the rings.

We used the Next9 baby sling for about 2 months.  Although you can use ring slings until your baby is a toddler, we sold it to a sweet momma and used the funds to purchase a woven wrap.  It is now being loved and put into good use in another home and we always have a special place in our hearts for our Next9 sling.  We kinda miss it from time to time.  Who knows, if we have extra pennies to spare, we might purchase their Hinabi ring slings in the future.

Next9 Baby Slings is a good option for budget conscious mommies who wants to be able to keep their little ones close in a safe and ergonomic carrier. They have a great selection of limited edition prints so you better grab the one you like before they run out of stocks.  Next9 baby slings are readily available at the mall which makes them awesome most especially for those who are not fond of online shopping.

They are available at the following stores:

If you don’t have time to go out, then you can purchase online.  Just log on to Next9’s website at

I hope you enjoyed my review and please feel free to send me your comments, questions, rants or raves.  We would love to hear from you. 🙂

sophia rs 2 Sophia RS
* These are the only photos we have our Next9 ring sling. huhuhu




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