How Babywearing Saved My Sanity


My life with a rambunctious and curious hyperactive baby.

When Sophia was barely 2-months old, my hubby had to go out of town for a month due to a work commitment.  With no maid or yaya, I had to quickly learn how to take care of a clingy infant, cook my own meals, do the laundry, feed and care for the dogs, and keep the house “generally” clean.  I was also recovering from my Ceasarian operation as well as the hypertension brought on by eclampsia.


If you’re a first time mommy, it may seem like a daunting task isn’t it? Nakakaloka, di ba?


Well, I didn’t go crazy. I didn’t have sleepless nights nor did I curl up in the corner of the room crying and drinking wine.  If you’re wondering how I survived, it was this long piece of cloth and swinger that saved me.


Snazzy swinger from Tita Melyn


Ubba Woven Wrap Red Abaniko


The swinger was a gift from my aunt from the US. It’s a Fisher Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ’n Swing. It’s a miracle product that can make babies drift off to sleep and allow time for momma to take a quick shower.  Its sweet lullabies and swinging action helped calm and soothe Sophia and I am forever grateful for the respite from childcare and unli-dede (marathon nursing sessions). When Sophia started to get active and begun trying to escape the swinger, we decided to retire it for now until another squish comes along.


The other life saver is a baby sling or carrier.  A woven wrap or baby wrap is a continuous piece of cloth which you use to carry your child by “wrapping” the fabric around yourself and your baby. (Parang pinulupot mo lang!)  The company, Ubba Woven Wrap is a local company who offer handwoven baby slings.  When I first heard about the Ubba Woven Wraps, I thought that it would cost me a pretty penny as the wraps were handwoven by one of our living cultural treasures, Nana Catalina.  However, I was shocked to find out that the sling cost one thousand forty pesos (1,040.00php) only inclusive of the shipping fee.


Ubba Woven Wrap




Wrapping my baby meant that my dogs and I didn’t have to skip meals because I was able to buy groceries, cook, and wash the dishes.  I was able to wash our clothes and clean the house.  I could even go to the bathroom at times when she wouldn’t want to be put down or was in deep slumber.  (Never ever wake a sleeping baby! That’s suicide! )  I was able to take Sophia to her pedia appointment and was not encumbered by a bulky stroller and diaper bag.


Wrapping my baby meant that she cried less and received tons of kisses and cuddles from mommy.  She was a happy baby because she knew that her needs would be immediately attended to.  I was a happy mommy because I need not worry about my baby rolling off the bed or fear that she would feel neglected because I was busy.


2-month old Sophia in her Ubba


Our first IBW (International Babywearing Week) Event


The Ubba wrap has likewise been retired from service but I will forever treasure it as the spark that ignited my love for babywearing.  Along with the Cradle ‘n Swing, they are waiting for the next baby to lull to sleep and keep mommy from going crazy.


Now that Sophia is a toddler (she’s turning 14 months tomorrow!), she still loves to be carried. Sometimes on mommy’s back.  She also enjoys walking on her own and running away from mommy to cause chaos and mayhem. She loves prowling for toys that she can displace and “hide” at the toy store.  She is very good at climbing chairs, tables, and windows.  And I think that she’s building up the courage and balance to ride the dobermonsters too.  When I finally get tired running after her, I would put her in a wrap and she would calm down and take a nap.
If you want to learn more and purchase an Ubba Woven Wrap, please visit their Facebook page at



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